Friday , January 22 2021

Man Megan Markle has brought problems to the royal family – stars

There is a persistent stereotype that girls pay close attention to their wedding, from the global to the smallest external details. And, according to the rumors wandering around the Royal Palace of the United Kingdom, Megan Markle's stereotype was 100% justified.

The appendix Harry worsened the situation. He maintained the view that "whatever Megan wants, she will receive". The actress, in preparation for the wedding, has become extremely demanding, picky and to some extent unmerciful. All those who did not share her wedding visions were fired. But a personal assistant in that difficult period remained. And, to many people close to what was then happening in the Royal Palace, the success of marriage in many ways is his merit.

What was unexpected was news of the release of personal assistant Megan Markl after only six months after this huge success. "Melissa is a very talented person," quoted the source in the Royal Palace edition Sunday Express. "Everyone will miss her," he added, pointing out that such a decision is a real shock. Official comment on this issue has not yet been received.

We remember earlier that it became known about the scandal that broke out during the wedding preparation between Megan Markl and Queen Elizabeth II. They say the bride really wanted to wear a certain tiar at the ceremony, and that was the only time Prince Harry could not help him. The Queen intervened and said that Megan Markle would only carry what was allowed her.

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