Thursday , June 24 2021

Media: Austria has received information about spying on its colonel in favor of the Russian Federation from Germany – International Panorama

VIENNA, November 9th. / Tass /. Information about a retired Austrian colonel suspected of espioning for Russia was awarded by the Austrian Military Intelligence Service from Germany.

This was reported by the Austrian daily Der Standard on Friday.

According to her, the German Intelligence Service has provided information to the Austrian partners on the omission of classified information.

Earlier, Austrian Defense Minister Mario Kunasek said Austria received information on spying intelligence from one of the EU countries, but did not indicate a particular country. On the other hand, Austrian government chief Sebastian Kurtz thanked the head of the Ministry of Defense for a successful co-operation with friendly special services, which supported Austria in identifying this case.

Austrian law enforcement agencies are investigating a retired 70-year-old Austrian colonel who allegedly relayed information to the Russian military intelligence service on migration crash, Austrian military aviation, and artillery systems in the late 1990s, and allegedly received summer activities worth 300,000 euros

The Austrian State Attorney's Office opened a criminal complaint against the colonel according to the work article for the foreign military intelligence service. The suspect could be faced with two years in prison.

The Russian Embassy in Austria does not comment on this situation.

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