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Nuts help to fight excess weight and protect the heart

Daily nutrition consumption can prevent weight gain and is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, according to two new studies presented at the 2018 American Heart Association Scientific Session in Chicago.

The first study, carried out by the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, examined the effect of nutrition on long-term body weight. His participants were American medical workers who did not have chronic illness at the time of research.

Consumption of nuts was estimated by the questionnaire on the frequency of consumption of various foods that met each participant in three different studies each year (25,394 male doctors, 53,541 female nurses and 47,255 female nurses).

Researchers have come to the following conclusions:

  • Daily consumption of part of any nut (about 30 grams of whole oregano or two tablespoons of peanut butter) is associated with a lower risk of overweight or obesity over four-year intervals.

  • Replacement of a low value food service (red meat / processed meat / fried potatoes / desserts / potatoes) with any type of nut is associated with lesser weight over four-year intervals.

"People often think of walnuts as foods rich in fat and calories, so they do not dare to consider healthy meals, but are actually associated with lesser weight and better health," explained the first author of the study, Xiaoran Liu, Ph.D.

In adulthood people get about 0.5 kg per year. It seems very little, but after 20 years of person becomes heavier, at least 10 kg. Adding 30 grams of nutty to nutrition for less healthy foods will help prevent slow, gradual weight gain, reduce the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

The second study was conducted in 2017 by scientists from the University of San Diego (San Diego State University). Twenty-two healthy adults (20 women and 2 men) participated at the age of 20 and over with an average BMI of 22.3. With their normal diet they consume either 36 grams of pretzel or 20 grams of Brazilian nuts (about 5 pcs). Brazilian nuts and beans had approximately the same caloric content and salt content.

The research results showed:

  • Brazilian nuts and herbs significantly increased the feeling of satiety and reduced the feeling of hunger; In the group that consumed flour, the feeling of satiety was long lasting.

  • Pepper consumption, unlike Brazilian nuts, caused a significant increase in blood glucose and insulin 40 minutes after they had eaten them.

"Our project has enabled researchers and clinicians to look at the potentially useful role of Brazilian walnuts to help people feel satiated and maintain a healthy level of glucose, reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes," said chief study author Professor Mee Young Hong.

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