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photo, video review, statistics, Panarin's goal, 23 rescues Bobrovssky

Russian fans have been accustomed to the fact that the talk of Columbus Blue Jackets can not mention employers Artemy Panarin and goalkeeper Serge Bobrovski forward. For a long time there has been no movement in this issue, but it is still one of the most common topics in relation to the American club. On the one hand, this topic has been severely saturated with everything, on the other hand, such a concern says much about the importance of two Russian hockey players. The second day, Panarin's agent Dan Milstein gave a quiet month for his client:

"Artemy and I will sit down and talk about business issues as soon as it's ready, so far it's very fortunate that things are going this season, we'll talk about business in January," he added. Milshtejn said. (NHL official website)

Bobrovsky I independently forced the fans of the blue jackets to stop talking about money and the new deal – before the match against Minnesota, which took place on Thursday night in Moscow, won six of the last seven games that came in. In order to suicide in such a situation fans they did not have a hand.

Home game "Wild" was created for Russian hockey players, "Columbus" is unclear. Bobrovsky is guilty of varying degrees in both goals approved by Blue Jackets. His unsuccessful exit game helped Minnesots open an account at this meeting.

And in the third period, Bob allowed Zachi Parise to push the pucket near the corner of the throat.

At the same time, in the remaining episodes, Bob was traditionally reliable, made 23 rescued and once again helped his team win.

Panarin's 60 minutes of play only disrupted the devil's "Wild" Devan Dubnik. Too low for first connections? Perhaps, but how do you like the fact that Artemy's only fired help? In the middle of the second period, he took a step in the left half of his face, switched it to an uncomfortable hand and sent him to nine. Amazing performance.

The real hero of the night was the American forward Blue Jackets Riley Nash, who last summer became a partner of Bobrovsky and Panarin, but could not achieve his new team in Minnesota. The 29-year-old striker finally failed and was his goal to become the winner. The title of the first star of the meeting, surely deserved.

Columbus lovers have repeatedly accused two Russian hockey teams of greed and trying to remove the most appropriate contract terms from the club. But the next couple of months fans should do what Bobrovsky and Panarin did – focus on hockey. Sergey and Artemy are not crouched, but the stars of the real league that this season can have on Blue Jackets. Columbus is already fourth in his conference and that is definitely no limit. Well, it is better to talk about the future of Bob and Khlebushke not in January, but sometime in April. Even better – in May. This alignment suits everyone.


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