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Prigogine commented on Buz's joke about the blockade

MOSCOW, August 14 – RIA News. In an interview with Evening Moscow, producer Joseph Prigozhin commented on the resonant video of singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova, in which he compared himself to the residents of besieged Leningrad.

According to him, the singer does such acts to get her attention.

"How young children show themselves to be noticed – this is from the same series," the producer said.

Earlier, Buzova posted on Instagram a video in which she licks a plate and, laughing, compares herself to a blockchain. Subscribers did not appreciate the exhibitor's joke and advised her not to waste such words.

At the same time, singer-songwriter Irina's mother sided with her daughter, noting that Olga's grandmother survived the blockage and the habit of licking records was "transmitted in genes." In her opinion, Buzova "did not offend anyone."

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