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On the eve of the royal family, she paid tribute to the memory of those killed in the First World War

Today, November 11, commemorates Remembrance Day almost all over the world, commemorating the memory of those killed in the First World War.

The Russian Empire, the Ottoman, Germany and Austria-Hungary, as well as France and the United Kingdom, participated in this war.

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Yesterday in the UK passed Memorial Day, also called Poppy Day, as residents carry a picture of poppy on their breasts this day. A military parade, traditionally watched by Queen Elizabeth, took place in central London, with Prince Charles's wife Camille Parker-Bowles and Kate Middleton beside her. Also the royal persons honored the memory of the victims with a two-minute silence.

Remember that every year Elizabeth honors the memory of the dead, for her this day is especially sad. This time the queen was feeling so bad that she couldn't contain her tears. Elizabeth tried to wipe away her tears, and at that time Prince William's wife immediately addressed a harmless question to distract the Queen from sad thoughts and encouraged her, the Daily Mail reports.

We notice that Queen Elizabeth is always very restrained and almost never shows her emotions in public.

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