Saturday , February 27 2021

Riot Games has registered the legend Legends of Runeterra – Blogs

Riot Games has registered Legends of Runeterra as a trademark of the company. The brand has been featured in the category of computer games, eSports, streaming and related products, including clothing and devices.

It is unknown whether Legends of Runeterra will become a new game company, but the name of the product relates to the LoL universe (Runterra is the name of the game world).

In August, co-founder of Riot Games, Mark Merrill said the company plans to release a big game every ten years. League Legend was published nine years ago – in 2009.

Earlier insider Guillaume nel Canelo said Riot Games is on Counter-Strike opponent's shooter, and Cache's card reader helps her in this Salvatore Vulcan Garotstso.

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