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Ritual nights – long anticipated and beautiful. Overview / Games

publisher505 Games
Publisher in Russia"Noise"
Minimum requirementsIntel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, DirectX 11 and 2 or 3 GB graphics card, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / AMD Radeon R9 280X, 10 GB by the hard drive
Recommended requirementsIntel Core i5-4590 3.3 GHz / AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, DirectX 11 and 4 GB graphics card, for example, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / AMD Radeon R9 290
date of issueJune 18, 2019
Age requirementof 12 years
platformPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
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The game was tested P.S4

Although metroidvany recently leaves a big set, everyone can not be fascinating. Bloody: The Ritual Night, whose development a few years ago raised money for the Kickstarter, so – it's worth sitting down as time begins to literally flow through your fingers and scary speed. And it will no longer matter if you are a long-time fan of creative work Igaraši whether you know anything about Old Castlevania or you just decided to get introduced to the new product due to numerous positive reviews. In this way, only positive impressions remain.

#Unofficial continuation

Since Konami will not do anything new in Spacevania for a long time, those who left Igarasi 2014 decided to make the next game without the help of the publisher. The only thing that distinguishes the project from the classic Konami, this title, though suspiciously similar to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. In many ways, the newspaper can be considered an unofficial extension of the Symphony, with which it has many similarities, especially in terms of atmosphere and gameplay.

You can significantly change the heroine's appearance in the barber

You can significantly change the heroine's appearance in the barber

Being a classic metropolis (or igavanii, as Igarash fans call the games they created), Bloodstained does not try to reinvent the spot. It looks and sounds better than a masterpiece from the nineties, but the inside remains the same – it's a story, events that take place in a large castle, divided into many different areas, full of dangers, secret and interesting surprises. Explore all this damn fun, and the longer you play it, the more insightful you realize that one day you will inevitably get to the finals.

Places that are interconnected by similar corridors provide diversity. You are in the elegant rooms that remind you of the Hermitage with its gilded walls and gorgeous pillars, descend into dungeons, jump to the chaos or try to resist on slipping bookshelves in the library. This is the standard feature of any good metroidvania, but here is particularly striking because the zones differ not only in appearance but in some mechanics as well. And some of them are in one or two rooms, after which you never see them again.

Great work has been done on the design of opponents, about one hundred. All kinds of demons, knights, gargoyles, flying saucers and jumping jigs. There are small unpleasant monsters flying from one part of the screen to another, capable of dropping a heroine or turning it into a stone. There are very weird creatures like musicians playing on electric guitars and big dogs or cats. New enemies are constantly emerging with such a proven period that it is not a boring fight. Even if some of them are only visually colored versions of monsters that have already been seen, their modified set of abilities yields the desired variety of battles.

With portraits you have to be careful - sometimes reviving

With portraits you have to be careful – sometimes reviving

#Power of shrapnel

All of your opponents can give heroes their abilities – when you kill a monster, you have the chance to get his debris and become the owner of some unique skill. Most commonly these skills are directly related to what the enemies can do. that is, when it is touched, frog poisoning will leave behind a debris that increases the resistance to the poisons. To win over your wings (wings with wings), bats, and many more, you can call them several times in a row, causing damage to your enemies. Or even get a companion who will fly nearby and hurt the monsters or impose some effects on them.

There are not many slots for debris, so it's always interesting to experiment and try different abilities. In Castlevania's best tradition, developers do not care if you break a game with some strong builds – if you can find cool combinations, use them for health. This does not only apply to fragments, but also to overall equipment, namely weapons, equipment, and armor – so much that the eyes are different.

You can fight with swords, whips, daggers, axes – even shoes are special. By studying bookshelves with books placed across the map, you will learn about special techniques that are activated by pressing the buttons in a certain order, as in some combat games. Also full of high quality and useful clothing items: there may be a ring that increases the power of attack compared to the percentage of open card, or, for example, the number of killed enemies. Or the points that show the health of the opponent. Head covers and masks change the appearance of a heroine, but the armor does not affect it – you can choose only a different color of the dress.

Where else can you see a cat with horns?

Where else can you see a cat with horns?

As a result, Bloodstained becomes a gathering game: look for the chests and find new things, defeat the enemies, and I hope you get the fragments (they can go down several times to allow you to strengthen them), explore each room and look for the wall to earn more health and or find a secret passage. However, this does not turn into a routine – the player wants it! I want to see what the new ability will be able to unlock next time if you're not lazy and go back to the previous place to defeat this or that monster again.

#This early, early on

And the rest of Bloodstained is similar to any modern metro, where the character in the beginning does not know how and just dream about new locations. The Junka is trained for a double jump, can grab the items with a magical hand and move them to another place, teleport to the next section of the room, skip the narrow corridors. Already there are zones you can not reach immediately, and as soon as you get a new capability, find the teleport room right away and go back to places you've visited before, until there is no white spot on the map!

Narrative skills drop out of bosses, fight with which it's fun. They can be very fast and tactful opponents, very injured with each blow, or static monsters that bombard you with shells or breathe fire like a big dragon in the middle of the game. They often have to use call fragments, newly acquired skills, and the ability of a heroine to come back (you have to get used to it – the guy returns to the exact side, not the side that he is looking at) and uses the features of the local combat system. As in Castlevania, the attack for a fraction of a second before landing will not stop the player but will allow you to make two strikes in a row.

Many enemies are easier to defeat if you remember how they move before the blows.

Many enemies are easier to defeat if you remember how they move before the blows.

Not everything in Bloodstained is perfect – there are some minor mistakes, such as the inability to raise items that fell from the enemy because they dropped the hair's surface. There are also disadvantages associated with optimization – if you are trying to jump from the bottom room up, you will have to look at the black screen for a few seconds. It would not be so noticeable that a heroine would occasionally not land on the ground after boarding. The second attempt is faster, but it would be better if the first was the same.

The story can upset those who came here for the story. The girl named Miriam was one of the inhumane scientific experimenters involved, and her old Jibel was subjected to this torture with her. But if Jibel lost the last remnants of mankind and wanted to fill the world with demons, Miriam tries to stop him – though the collection of demonic fragments can negatively affect her condition. A true standard story without much depth, but interesting enough not to ignore it at all.

The glass in the game is particularly nice.

The glass in the game is particularly nice.

However, all these things are small, because the gameplay has turned out above all the praise. There is not one element that I would like to remove or change. Even the primitive side tasks that are issued on the main "base" in which traders are found do not make it too redundant. Yes, you are being asked to kill four demons and five knights, not to order stories. Yes, someone wants you to bring him "the things of the deceased," which you actually find where the devil knows, not close to their dead bodies. Yes, grandma still can not eat and pray for another pizza or cake. But for all this, it's a reward, but it's not so difficult to execute orders, so there's no objection.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – an impressive, beautiful adventure that did not have enough to perfection. The game does not hesitate to be the spiritual successor of old Castlevania – she is proud of it. I want to explore the huge castle far and wide, I want to fill all archives with monsters, fragments and notes just for their own pleasure, not for "achivok." You do not have to be a fan of Igarasi – enjoy Bloodstained, you just have to like great games. Let's look at some places in some places as a budget, some characters are not always animated perfectly – forgive those shadows, they are so insignificant in the background of many advantages.


  • a classic game in the spirit of some of the old parts of Castlemanija;
  • an interesting castle;
  • many different opponents;
  • a large variety of weapons, accessories and abilities;
  • beautiful visual style;
  • a luxurious soundtrack.


  • occasional bugs and boring downloads between different floors.


Initially, the game looked different and disturbed the fans with their looks, but after updating the graphics looks great. You can claim to have some funny animations, but in general do not break the impression.


He worked on the music of Michiro Yamane, who previously worked on the soundtrack for the Castlevania series, and the result was incredible. The sound is also good, including the English version.

One player

You need 100% no more than 20 hours to complete the pass through the download card, and it will be a great time. Explore a large castle and look for secrets, defeating monsters, and collecting new skills, do not get tired of finals.

Collective game

Not specified.

General impression

Divine work from the master of his craft – Igarashi came back and gave the fans what they wanted to get the most. One of the best metropolis of our time.

Rating: 9.5 / 10

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