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Russia approached France and split from Portugal in the UEFA coefficient table – Sport

MOSCOW, Nov. 9. / Tass /. Russia, after the fourth round of the group stage of the European League, reduced the gap between France and cut off from Portugal in the UEFA European Union Coefficient. This happened thanks to the positive results of Russian clubs and opponents of dissatisfaction.

The fourth round of the European League brought a small pile in Russia to 0.833 points. Spartak Moscow and Krasnodar, who beat Rangers (4: 3) and Standard (2: 1), scored 0.333 points each. Petersburg "Zenith" for drawing with the French "Bordeaux" earned 0.166.

Russia's overall coefficient according to the results of matches held this week at European competitions is 48,382 points. Portugal after the defeat, "Sporting" in the match against London "Arsenal" fell by 0.633 points – 42.842. The French have lost their meetings "Rennes" and "Marseille", losing Dynamo Kyiv (1: 3) and Roman "Lazio" (1: 2). Bordeaux, like Zenit, earned 0.166 points, setting the overall coefficient for France to 53.165.

Spain continues to lead the table of the coefficient – 92.855 points. Second place is England – 70,320. Third place is Italy (69,725), fourth – Germany (65,355).

According to the results of the current draw, the coefficient table determines the attendance of clubs in European competitions for the season 2020/21 – the sixth position gives the right to place three clubs in the Champions League instead of two.

How to calculate coefficients

The UEFA season coefficient is determined by adding points scored by clubs in the Champions League and Euroleague, and allocating that amount by the number of teams representing the country. The total score is the sum of the ratio of the last five seasons.

To win the qualifying rounds for the game, one point is awarded for the draw – 0.5 points. To win the main stage game – two points, for drawing – one point. For the team in the group stage of the European competition, the country was awarded four points for entering the 1/8 finals of the Champions League – five points. For the club in the quarterfinals, the semi-finals and the final of the Champions League or Europa League – one point.

Only played matches are taken into account, technical defeats are not taken into account. Meetings ending in a single-stroke series are calculated according to the result recorded in main and extraordinary time.

UEFA coefficient table

number Earth Total coefficient Clubs (started / left)
1 Spain 92.855 7/7
2 England 70.320 7/6
3 Italy 69.725 7/6
4 Germany 65.355 7/7
5 France 53,165 6/6
6 Russia 48,382 6/5
7 portugal 42,842 5/3
8 Belgium 37300 5/4
9 Ukraine 37100 5/3
10 Turkey 33200 5/4

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