Wednesday , January 27 2021

Scientists have called a factor that quadruples the risk of cancer

Obesity in adolescence in four months increases the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, found a research team from Israel. Work, according to RIA News, was published in Cancer.

The researchers analyzed data from medical records of nearly 1.8 million patients aged 16 to 19. The paper has taken into account the results of the medical examination from 1967 to 2002. They then linked these medical data to cases of pancreatic cancer for the period by the end of 2012.

It was found that obesity in adolescence 3.76 times increases the risk of oncology development in males and 4.07 times in women. At the same time, stronger sex offenders with a body mass index at the upper limit of the standard also increase the likelihood of developing pancreatic cancer. The risk of oncology development in this case increases by 49 percent.

"Men and women who are overweight or obese in adolescence have an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer in the future," says the paper.

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