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Sony released a new PlayStation and embarrassed

Recently, what many have been waiting for has happened. The Japanese corporation Sony has introduced the world of the PlayStation Classic gaming console, which was re-released the first generation original console released over two decades ago. The production company has already started selling in some countries around the world, and it is looking for as much as $ 100, or around 6,700 rubles. The novelty differs from the classic model with HDMI connector and doubly compact dimensions.

No one would ever think that because of the new PlayStation, Sony was shameful, but that's exactly what happened. The first buyers of the news managed to disassemble it, which led to an extremely disappointing conclusion. As it turns out, the actual cost of this console does not exceed $ 20, because it is used as the MediaTek MT8167A chip unit, which is cheaper because the secret brand, which has a bad reputation in the electronics market, is responsible for its production.

This processor has four Cortex-A35 processor cores and a PowerVR GE8300 graphics accelerator, the simplest on the market. So, Sony is looking for an excessive amount of money for the latest PlayStation Classic. It turns out that a prefixed prefixed manufacturer gets huge profits because the price gets 4 times. It is clear that the Japanese corporation does not comment on such information.

It should be noted that this device has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of flash memory, while the original PlayStation Classic, released over 20 years ago, had only 2MB of RAM and was the foundation of the LSI R3051 (RISC) processor logic. Paying $ 100 for the latest Sony console, the customer does not even get the chance to play any video games except those that are already embedded in it.

It was previously revealed that Sony has created a new portable console that replaces PSP and PlayStation Vita.

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