Friday , June 18 2021

Temnikova showed a flawless figure in a bathing suit

Singer Lena Temnikova admitted that she suffers from panic attacks. To calm her nerves, she went to the Maldives.

“Today is the first day without panic attacks. Hooray. Thank you. The ocean is healing, ”the singer wrote on her Instagram, adding her own photo on the beach. The star is wearing a brown indoor swimsuit. He smiles calmly as he stares into the lens. He holds a bottle of juice in his hand.

The fans sympathized with Temnikov and wished him a good rest.

“Panic attacks … In 2020 to the age of 21, it started happening to many, as I later learned. You wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Lena, good luck, I really understand you “,” Have a nice rest! Nature, yes, heals very well … and panic attacks really cause a lot of discomfort, constant fears, anxieties … “,” Lenchik, everything will be fine “, they write in the comments.

Many also admired the flawless star figure, whom she chose to mock. “I pulled my stomach. I was not breathing, “she wrote in response to one of the comments.

Earlier, Temnikova decided to ask her fans for advice on what kind of hairstyle she should wear – square or long hair. She also shared her own hair care hacks.

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