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The "Bohemian Rhapsody" movie about the Queen Group – Rossiyskaya Gazeta was released

Freddie Mercury is one of the brightest and most controversial people in the world of the twentieth century: he had no less change in tastes, everyday habits and love habits than he sounded in his wavy voice.

On the one hand, the Queen's frontman is the idol stadium, the author of the guitar rhapsody, the killer of the queen, and We Are The Champions, who are still listening to today (and now the stars are eager to sing). On the other hand – a homosexual icon.

Obviously, singer-songwriters – guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, who invented this biopic, have long suspected: what should be a "bohemian rhapsody"? Something retouched and remastered music history about achieving world success? Or a tough and sincere drama about the destiny of a man loved by millions of listeners, but they only knew the best of them – Taylor and May, as well as queen bassist John Deacon, Freddie's best friend, musician Dave Clarke and his beloved Mary Austin is barely married in youth.

Brian May talked about the film for the first time in 2010, stating that Sasha Baron Cohen is considering the role of Mercury. The scandalous buzoter looks like Mercury, and the films he played – "Borat", "Bruno" and "Dictator" – were commercially very successful. But in 2014, the Queen rejected this idea: Glory to Sasha Baron Cohen was great, but his reputation as a man who loves almost any action in a parody, grotesque or provocative, is still dangerous. At least all of the musicians wanted the audience to go to the cinema in anticipation of the next laughing of the demons of the obsessed Baron over his next character. The Queen of Musicians, who have become co-producers of the recordings, decided not to risk it.

As a result, even three years later, an actor, Egyptian Coptic Rami Malek, who voluntarily listened to the directors (who had changed several times during that time) was finally found and asked to make the maximum number of duplicates to copy Parsa from Zanzibar Freddie Mercury better …

And now, eight years later, the film directed by Brian Singer came out on screen. The Queen's biography proved fairly unconcerned, smooth and without part of narcissism. In fact, this is a story of how the queen has achieved success. First performances in clubs, disputes over who is in the group the main "queen" (Queen is the name that coined Mercury, meaning "queen"). Not without director clichés: At the beginning of the action, the father still inspires the young Farukh-Freddy that nothing will come of it. And closer to the final look of encouragement: that he had believed in him before.

In the Bohemian rhapsody, stylists have obvious layers: the hair of an actor who plays Brian May, all the way to the end of the film, is getting tense. Performers of the musicians have picked up for growth and maximum resemblance to the characters so there is no need to expect dramatic talents from them … Yes, they have no where to turn: sometimes they shout each other for notes, they will visit the EMI head of the first part of the conflict scripts …

But there is probably something worse: in Bohemian Rhapsody, Brian May is most of all in favor of trials (well, of course, he's co-producer). Yes, he is an excellent guitarist and invented his own sound (thanks to his father's engineering talent in large measure). But he is the first searcher for new sounds and mixing of musical styles in the Queen, though Freddie. And this is the one who made a group event in 1974: "I like to do something new, otherwise, which is the point of our work?" "You can also replicate your old records well, but I like to create something I did not do before!"

The first part of the movie is more comical for those who are too lazy to read the real book …

There is a lack of intriguing traits, conflicts, unexpected knitwear, and striking works. Strogi Rami Malek has no charisma, musical obsession, world vulnerability and the siren itself – it does not like it, it has to live it. And where the singer suffered, he lived on the stage, Malik only takes his spectacular pose – sometimes so dutiful and pretentious that I want to say, "And you got rid of your mustache …"

The other part is more interesting. He is dedicated to the personal drama of Mercury itself – which has changed a lot throughout the years for Queen.

And if that was not for success, then maybe the singer married Mary Austin and cured a happy family life … But an angry figure went into the life front – personal manager Paul Prentera, who at one and the same time tried to seduce him. After that, the world of Mercury began to collapse: the social circle changed, the character became nervous, worried. Relationships in the group, sometimes ready to break, were spoiled …

In the second part is finally present a drama, a ride, and the audience begins to sympathize with the main character. "Bohemian Rhapsody" closer to the code begins to turn into a musical tragedy, interesting not only to the lovers of the Queen. Those who, even without a dynamic script, are happy to enjoy the history and songs of their favorite band …

Where the singer is defeated, he lives, the actor only takes up spectacular poses, and sometimes you want to say, "And your mustache is destroyed …"

It is likely that "Bohemian Rhapsody" was conceived as a precious fairy tale of success, not as a serious drama of the temptation of the glory and the temptations of the individual. So Brian Mae and Roger Taylor decided to complete the story of a happy episode – a band concert at the Live Aid Festival in London in 1985.

Otherwise, they should explain to music lovers: why could not they save their friend Freddie Mercury?

We are still grateful for the film, just because of the fact that the Queen's beautiful songs again play in the original, with excellent sound quality.

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