Monday , July 26 2021

The Bryansk Region has received a flu vaccine

Approximately 90,000 doses of modern "Sovigripp" vaccine for children's influenza vaccine were received on July 7 in the Bryansk region.

In the vaccination campaign region, it is entering the active phase. On October 29, a final tranche of the adult influenza vaccine (Sovigripp) was received in the amount of 183,400 doses in the Bryansk area. Its version for children – 88 thousand doses – the region received on Wednesday 7 November the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor's reports.

Currently, little more than 265,000 residents of the Bryansk region have already been vaccinated against the flu as part of a national calendar of preventive vaccinations, mostly people from risky groups, which is 22.2% of Bryansk residents.

Meanwhile, Sanvrachi pointed out that the incidence of seasonal colds does not exceed the critical level. Thus, over the past week in the region, 5,170 people turned medical aid to influenza and ARVI, the incidence rate below the epidemic threshold was 8.9% and was not exceeded in any age group. Flu cases in the Bryansk region have not yet been detected in the lab.

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