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Amateur British Ambulance Charlie Rowley met with Russian Ambassador to Britain Alexander Yakovenko on April 6 to discuss the situation around her case and the death of former Colonel Sergey Skripal. The meeting lasted about 90 minutes and was held at the Ambassador's residence in Kensington. Rowley came with his brother Matthew.

During talks with Ambassador Rowley, he inquired about the possibility of meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said in an interview. Sunday mirror. Yacovenko promised to send an appropriate request to the president and asked where Rowley wanted to meet Putin.

In the morning of July 4 last year, the British police reported a "serious incident" in Amesbury, where two people were found to be unknown and were hospitalized in critical condition. The victims are 45-year-old Charlie Rowley and his 44-year-old Don Sturgers. The woman died a few days later, and Rowley was in a coma for ten days. Later, Scotland Yard reported that two people in Amesbury were poisoned by the same substance as Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia.

In an interview Sunday Mirror Rowley said meeting with the Russian ambassador was useful because he learned "something he did not know before." "But I still think Russia has done that attack," he noted. – I left [на встречу]ask them: why did your country kill my girlfriend? But I did not get any answer. I just got Russian propaganda, he said. Rowley added that the ambassador would like him, but "something that he said, trying to justify Russia was ridiculous". "The ambassador further said that this substance is definitely not" novice "made in Russia, because that is what it would be, it would kill everyone," the British said. Rowley replied that his girlfriend had already died of the poisoning of this substance, and I survived only because he had washed it. The Russian ambassador, according to the British, did not know what to say about it.

On the other hand, Yacovenko told reporters that the brothers Rowley had many questions, most of which were built "with complete lack of information from the British." "They specifically raised the question whether Russia was poisoning Scripts and whether Russia was the only country that could produce" Novice ". We have given a full explanation of this issue and once again demonstrated the fact that this "novice" can be made by any laboratory in Europe that was actually in the Czech Republic and other countries, "said Yakovenko," RIA News ". The ambassador also said the brothers submitted copies of reports describing what the Russian side thinks about the incident in Salisbury.

The previous son Don Sturgers Twenty-year-old Evan Hope said he wrote a letter to Putin. He asked the British police to give an opportunity to examine suspects for his mother's poisoning.

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