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The ex-husband "Hoe" -cracker is detained. VIDEO – URA.RU

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Former wife of Kushchevskaya's organized criminal group was arrested in the morning when she needed to leave her home at workPhoto: lisičine / Flickr

In Cuban, Kushchevskaya station, for extortion, 77 million rubles was attracted to the former wife of Kuščevska gang member Vladislav Tsepovyaza Natalya Strishnaya and her brother Ivan. In the home and in the women's workplace a search was conducted – OPH "Slavic Cuban". Strishnaya was taken to Rostov, where the court will select the measure of rebuke.

Attorney at law, Eduard Churgulia, said his client was charged with extradition from Kuščevski businessman named Isyuk. – Natalia and Ivan believe the case is tailor made. According to them, Vyacheslav Tsepovjaz, as well as his accomplices who remained at large, were involved in it, "quotes a quotation from the lawyer Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Former husband Strishnoy – member kuscheskoy OPG Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz – in 2013 was sentenced to 20 years in the criminal colony. Banda Tsapkov deprived 19 people of life. Strishnaya was unveiled by Tsepovyaza, having spent 4.3 million rubles this year. – Half of the jointly acquired property, Rosbalt adds.

Last year, scandal was caused by photos from colonies, where Tsepovyaz eats crabs with pleasure and peeks kebabs in the area of ​​the penitentiary. Prisoner poses in a prison cell with a mobile phone. His table is full of red caviar and other delicacies.

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