Thursday , February 25 2021

The murderer of a woman in the elevator elevator hiding in the house, suggested a neighbor

MOSCOW, Nov. 7 – News from RIA. The killer, who has been injured in multiple night injuries by a woman in the elevator of Moscow's high-rise building, is hiding in one of the apartments, one of the residents of Sofia Cherkasov's house suggested. It is reported by the TV channel "Star".

Russian Federation Automobile Investigation Committee. Archival photography
Resident Karaly tried to jealously burn a friend

Cherkasova believes the perpetrator lives in his home and does not leave him after the attack.

"One (man – Ed.) He started climbing the stairs, the other went with her in the elevator and killed him, and now he's somewhere in the door, because no one saw it and was not taken on the camera," she said.

In the evening of November 6, neighbors found a dead woman in the elevator of a residential building in Moscow. According to the investigation, the body of the deceased had more than ten injured blades. The investigative committee opened a criminal for murder.

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