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The network has criticized the dual "short" VAZ-2106: AvtoMedia: VladTime

Attempting to turn classic "Lada" into a shortened "dwarf" caused a run of negative comments from the driver.

Pictures of the embedded VAZ-2106 appeared in one of the social network "Vkontakte" dedicated to automotive equipment. To make such a non-standard car, project authors had to cut and digest the body significantly.

Craftspeople also put their "small stack" on new wheels, prepared the body and fitted it with a red tape, installed new massive body and grate sets, fitted a hat hat with an air intake, added dimmed rear lights, a 6-speaker audio system and redesigned the door that you now open upstairs.

The author of the post asked members of the community how they relate to such a project – and the comments of the users did not fall. The abbreviated VAZ-2106 was called "gangrene", "cane", "cortex" and "deformity". "For a rural disco," one of the car enthusiasts joking with the "six" look and its audio system.

"A lot of work has been done, but the pumpkin has not turned into a carriage," said the next subscriber more gently. "For job 5, for design and project 1," "Sorry for spending resources," they joined other users. And the last commentator asked how to put a bill on the traffic police "such a wild cut".

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