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The Russian miracle is tearing America apart! Svechnikov scores goals in every game – NHL News – Ice Hockey

Analyzing the new divisions, the greatest attention was paid to the northern (Canadian) and eastern, where Washington and Pittsburgh were. They are called the most complex, a kind of “death” groups. And it was completely unfair to ignore Central, where a serious fight is also expected. Of the eight teams, only Chicago started the season with zero points, and Dallas, which is quarantined until Tuesday, has zero points. The rest of the clubs managed to score points and show a good game. Leading Tampa and Nashville, who won the first two matches. But “Carolina” unexpectedly lost in one of the matches against “Detroit”. And now hurricanes in a face-to-face confrontation with the Predators were important to show that the last game was a misunderstanding.

It wasn’t that easy to do. From the first minutes, the hosts acted aggressively, had the initiative and led by the number of shots.

Again, Yakov Trenin was not among them, who is still among the reserves. IN some The Nashville’s momentary advantage was doubled. Svechnikov had the most dangerous goal for the opponent. At the start of the match, Karolina managed to show a simulated two-on-one combination: Andrej added Ahu brilliantly, but Rinne read the moment and managed to throw.

Svechnikov did not stop at this and continued to deteriorate further – literally in each shift, the 20-year-old striker gave his all one hundred percent and practiced in all zones. Hurricane’s top scorer was nominally in the third line with Fast and Martinuk, but during the match he also appeared among the top three with Ah and Teryavainen, Teuvo barely coming out in the second half of the match. The Russian game could be called flawless, if not the elimination at the end of the first period. Andrey took the puck in his zone, ran into the attack and there received a two-minute penalty for Yossi’s step. The opponent, however, failed to convert the majority. But after the break, Svechnikov himself did the same. Everything is in a style that is familiar to him and his partners: a strong throw, an effective combination. For him, this goal was the third of the season – in this regular season he still scores in every match.

If we estimate not only the number of points, but also the contribution to the team result, the game in all zones, the number of errors, then Andrey is now absolutely the best Russian player in the NHL. He started applying for this role last year and it seems he intends to finally get it in this one.

Svečnik’s goal was not the only one in this match. Less than a minute after him, Forsberg leveled the score. But that didn’t stop the hurricanes. Already in the third section, cutting the puck of the opponent in his zone, he made Trochek 2: 1 somehow imperceptibly all the advantage of “Nashville” in the game somewhere evaporated.

In the third period, Svechnikov finally moved among the top three, and the goal of Karolina’s young talents was not long in coming. After the counterattack, Aho scored the third puck against Rinne by adding Andrey. Nashville, however, managed to return one goal by Arvidsson’s efforts. But the victory ultimately remained with the “hurricanes”.

And without the Russian prodigy, it certainly wouldn’t exist.

Daria Tuboltseva

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