Thursday , February 25 2021

U.S. scientists have discovered a new way to treat glioblastoma

U.S. scientists have discovered a new way to treat glioblastoma

Washington, January 16th. A team of scientists from Columbia University found that about 20% of all glioblastomas burn mitochondria. You can get rid of them with medication.

The scientists published the results of their research in the journal Nat Cancer. During the experiment, the scientists analyzed the properties of 17,367 individual cells from 36 different tumors. The results of the study showed that all types of brain tumors were divided into four groups.

“By classifying brain tumors based on their biological characteristics, we have gained new insight into what drives each subtype and prognosis for patients,” the scientists said.

Two groups of tumors have been shown to completely replicate functions operating in the normal brain, and the other two include mitochondrial tumors and a group of tumors with metabolic activity. They are the ones who are very resistant to treatment, the researchers explained.

Scientists are currently using the same methods to treat aggressive cancers. They are convinced that the new method of oncology treatment will be able to detect similarities between different types of tumors, regardless of their origin.

Recently, scientists have been able to prove the benefits of artificial intelligence in the treatment of cancer. Experts have found that combination drug therapy and individualization increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a method for the selective destruction of cancer cells has recently been developed.

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