Friday , June 18 2021

Unemployed Russians will have to pay contributions to social funds.

Resident citizens will have to pay for all their contributions to social security – pension, MMI and social security. But this only applies to healthy people in the working age who do not officially work anywhere.

Such a proposal is contained in the draft law on Amendments to Article 23, Article 419 and Article 425 of Russian Federation Tax Laws in terms of expanding the list of insurance premium payers and calculating the premium rate for certain categories of taxpayers, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes.

It was prepared by a member of the Committee for Labor, Social Policy and War Veterans Sergey Vostrets (document available to the WG). He notes that around 18 million working-age Russians do not have an official job. Although many of them are unofficially employed, they are actually self-employed – people who work for themselves.

"And the social guarantees provided by the current legislation, citizens who do not work, get in full and also have the right to social retirement," the parliamentarian said. – According to the Department of Accounting, only in the territorial funds of compulsory health insurance in the region from the stateless population of 600 to 650 billion rubles. And this category of citizens gets social retirement after reaching retirement age due to the contribution of the working population. At the same time, since they are in working age, unemployed citizens do not participate in financing a solidarity pension system. "The deputy considers this situation to be unfair.

Invites non-agricultural citizens to independently pay pension insurance, compulsory pension fund and Social Security Fund. Contributions can be calculated from the minimum wage. Only according to preliminary estimates, annual funds for the budgeting of funds can bring more than 734 billion rubles. However, this obligation will not apply to recipients of benefits for unemployment, social and old-age pensions as well as for persons authorized. Disabled persons with disabilities, minors, students and students fall into this second category.

Sergey Vostretsov emphasizes that the proposed changes do not in any way limit the citizens' constitutional rights to receiving old age pension and free medical care. "And if a person does not make a deduction, penalties will follow, as in tax evasion," he states.

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