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WhatsApp has launched millions of people in a new brilliant feature

The world's most famous and most popular communication service is WhatsApp, which is used by more than 1.5 billion people on a continuous basis. All these people are constantly communicating with each other almost every day, and also, in addition, perform a whole host of different actions through this messenger. Today, April 17, 2019, developers have released a new version of this software, which everyone can already install on their electronic devices.

This is the new experimental feature of WhatsApp, which is available in Android, iOS, and web operating system messaging versions. Innovation is an amazing new feature, which millions of people have long dreamed about. In times of rapid growth in the popularity of various emoticons, developers have decided to offer all users the option of using those animated, that is, they look like they are alive.

By this time, WhatsApp users could send only ordinary emoticons to each other in the form of pictures, but all happily changed to the better. Unlike the usual GIF animations, the new emoticons in the format will be reproduced on a constant infinite basis, not just a few seconds. In addition, as reported by developers, they create a new algorithm for adding an app's emoticons to iOS and Android, so that they do not violate the App Store and Google Play rules.

Unfortunately, developers do not indicate under what conditions the animated emoticons in WhatsAppu will appear on a permanent basis. It is possible that this will depend on user feedback, ie if the smartphone owners like this innovation will keep it permanently. I want to believe that the ability to send mobile emoticons will soon be among the users of the most popular messenger for Android and iOS, and at the same time developers will be able to add third-party setups.

It has recently become known that WhatsApp and Instagram services have stopped working around the world.

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