When the end of the world will happen according to Matron's 2019 forecast

The horrible prophecies of the Holy Matron appeared in the network - according to her, the Earth is waiting for the apocalypse in 2019. About topnews predicts topnews.

According to Matron, the disbelief of the population will lead to the destruction of the Earth.

- There will be some believers, life will be worse and worse. People will be like hypnosis. There will be a time when the cross and bread will be put before you will say - choose! There will be many victims. Without a war you will die. Everyone will lie on the ground, - such words are the result of the release.

However, Russia is awaiting a different destiny - this is foretold by the Moscow Navy.

- How many nations have disappeared, and Russia has existed and will exist. Pray, ask, fall asleep! The LORD will not leave you and save our land, she predicted.

One of the unbelievable versions of the end of the world in 2019 called the asteroid 2002 NT7 drop on the planet's surface - some people believe this will happen on February 1st. However, the official science denies this version.

Matrona from Moscow - a saint of the Russian Orthodox Church, born in 1881 in the Province of the Russian Federation of the Russian Empire. The First World War, the Revolution, the Civil War and the Great Homeland War survived. According to her life, she was a deeply religious person and knew how to treat people. Matrona died in 1952 in Skodnyi near Moscow, her grave still remains a pilgrimage place today.

Earlier five had said that o asteroid, which will "slay" Earth on February 1st.

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