Wednesday , June 23 2021

Zenit plans to sign in winter Luana, Igor Konovalov and Czech top scorer Komlichenko

First sell Kranewitter and Ernani and Chernov. Why do we need so many central midfield players? Nobo will recover in the winter and will be with her 8! central high school. Konovalova then where?

Komlichenko is worth taking if we are sure that Zabolotny will go away and Kokorin will not return from prison.

He is a Dryussie type player. Why does the team have 6 middle strikers?

Buy a young defender, like bait instead of Net or Mevli. Buy your left back, such as Skopintsev, as well as a desirable insider right (Mack can not handle) and calm down.

By the way Luan for the 18 match of the championship Brazil scored 1 ball. and its value is 20 million euros. Think More, Semak, Think More.

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