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Arab Council for Water: The Water Situation in the Region "Critical"

He stressed that unconventional solutions are needed

5. The General Assembly of the Arab Water Council, in the presence of Arab League General Secretary Ahmed Aboul Gheit and President of the Arab Water Council of Dr. Mahmoud Abu Zeid, began Saturday in Cairo.

Hussein Al-Atifi, Secretary-General of the Arab Water Council, said in his introductory address at the meeting: The meeting will discuss issues and equalize the vision of the water area in the Arab region and the challenges of sustainable development.

He added that water challenges are great and many, especially in the Arab region, in the light of the growing population, the Arab region in the dry region and the impacts of climate change on food safety, and the Arab countries import more than 50% of their food from abroad.

He noted that the water situation in the region is critical and requires measures, partnerships and non-traditional solutions to address these challenges, adding that it is time for the Arabs to agree to deal with these challenges.

On the other hand, former Sudanese Irrigation Minister Dr. Saifuddin Hamad said in his address to the meeting: Water is the foundation of life and the nerve of civilization. Rain weather changes.

He stressed that the world is looking at the Arab Water Council and its research to use its expertise to achieve comprehensive Arab cooperation in order to overcome all the difficulties faced by Arab common water actions in tackling these challenges. To achieve economic and political stability, to the extent that it permits the capabilities of Arab states.

During the meeting, it is expected that the President of the Arab Water Council will sign two agreements on co-operation in the field of water resources management and climate change, with the aim of establishing and strengthening cooperation among the partners for the exchange of knowledge, expertise and skills, as well as to address the challenges with which are facing the Arab countries.

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