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Arab countries condemn Turkish operation in Syria and emergency League meeting

The Arab League said in a statement that it would hold an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss Egypt's "spring of peace" operation in Syria, while Arab countries condemned the operation.

The Arab League said a meeting on Saturday would be at ministerial level to discuss what he called "Turkish aggression into Syrian territory". "An unacceptable attack on the sovereignty of a member state of the League has taken place," said Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League Hossam Zaki.

Egypt, for its part, "strongly condemned Turkish aggression against the Syrian territory," adding that the operation "constitutes a crude and unacceptable attack on the sovereignty of the Brotherhood Arab state."

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain also condemned Turkey's military operation, and Kuwait said the operation in northeast Syria was threatening security and stability in the region.

Saudi Arabia condemned what it calls aggression launched by the Turkish military in northeastern Syria, citing a Saudi official in the Saudi Foreign Ministry that the Turkish operation is a gross violation of the unity, independence and sovereignty of Syrian territory.

Like Saudi Arabia, the UAE in turn condemned "Turkish military aggression against Syria", saying it "represents a serious development and manifestly unacceptable aggression against the sovereignty of its sister Arab state and sharp interference with Arab affairs.

Bahrain's foreign ministry condemned the operation, calling on the Security Council to "accelerate accountability in response to this attack".

In Kuwait, KUNA quoted an official source at the Foreign Ministry as saying that "Turkish military operations in northeast Syria are a direct threat to security and stability in the region," calling on all parties to "act restrained and away from military capabilities."

In response to Arab views, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu vehemently rejected criticism of the Gulf states, accusing them of "killing and starving many civilians" in Yemen.

Turkey launched a military operation against Kurdish guerrillas in northeast Syria on Wednesday, days after U.S. troops withdrew from the region. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the goal was to destroy the "terrorist corridor" on Turkey's southern border.

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