Monday , October 14 2019
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Arab world at volcano crater

Tawfiq Okasha media said the situation in the Arab world was upsetting, pointing out that the Arab world was on the crater of volcanoes and Egypt in the middle of the Arab world.

"The Egyptians learned the lesson and realized that every goal other than work and production is to bring them back to 50 years," Okasha said during Egypt Today's program on Al Hayat television on Friday.

He added that the forces of evil want to ignite the situation in Egypt, and people fall and have no list.

This article is about the Arab world about the volcano crater, which is not listed on the Akhara al-Youm website and does not reflect the politics of the place or standpoint in any way, but responsibility is the news or truth about the source of the original news, which is today's news.

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