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Arabic world – Video … An inordinate global event in Egypt with Russian participation

The exhibition will be attended by the Clarion International Defense and Security Company as well as the major exhibitions and international companies in the field of armaments, defense and security at the regional and international level. This event is the first such species in Egypt and the African continent.

In response to SPOTNIK's question, Major General Tariq Saad Zaghloul, the leader of the armed forces of the Egyptian armed forces, said that Russia's participation in the exhibition would be good, and 13 Russian companies will participate in a series of armored vehicles, weapons, weapons and helicopter helicopters.

Major General Mohamed El-Assar, State Minister for Military Production, said that ADEC 2018 will for the first time include products produced within the Egyptian nationalist castles and exclusively Egyptian armies.

"The Weapons We Discover will satisfy the Egyptians, make them more proud of their country, and look forward to the representation of the participating countries," he said in an interview with Al-Ahram newspaper. At the exhibition. "

Al-Asar pointed out that on behalf of Egypt, a pavilion will be exhibited to display our products from the industrial and military industry, and include four Egyptian bodies: the National Military Production Body, the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the Arab International Optical Company, "Vehicles, Weapons , ammunition, electronic war ".

He added: "The exhibition is attended by 41 countries, including 21 countries participating in a large number of companies including the United States, where the number of companies in 42 companies, France 32 companies, China 20 companies and UAE 27 is devoted to these countries wings their own, Where the products of their companies within the wings assigned to them.

The State Military Production Minister said the exhibition will be held every two years, and will present Egyptian military products as well as industrial defense products to international, Arab and African countries to serve as regional and international markets. .

He noted that 373 companies from 41 countries, including 3 Arab countries and 10,000 visitors, will be able to present their products to the world as a good opportunity for marketing. Everyone who reflects the power of Egypt and its strength in relationships with different countries of the world, visitors to the exhibition of foreigners and Arabs, is a good opportunity to get acquainted with investment projects in Egypt as well as the new tributary of Egyptian tourism tributaries.

Al-Assar emphasized that the Defense and Military Exhibition is the main event in the main countries alone, and the choice of Egypt to hold this exhibition documents its strong relations with its brothers and sisters, and stressed that military members, representatives of all foreign embassies in Egypt and domestic and international media invited to attend events An exhibition that includes translators in all languages ​​of the world to facilitate all delegations' participation as well as a large media center equipped with the latest international means.

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