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Artist Mohamed Sobhy addresses the allegiance to homeland .. and art .. and family!

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I saw the last part of the dialogue that was brought by artist Mohammed Sobhy with one of the introduction of the talk show, on the occasion of a new game called Khbaitna. Although I have not seen the game yet, I will do it soon.

But during the dialogue, Muhammad Sobhi used the expression Arabic country several times. It attracted the attention of a young lecturer, who could be younger than Mohamed Sobhy for at least twenty years, and stopped him from inquiring about the necessity of using the concept of the Arab nation, which is rare in his generation. The speaker said that he knew of course Arab countries – such as Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and the Sudan – and most of them refer to each of them if called on her name, such as Syria, Lebanon or Sudan.

Mohammad Sobhi, a television station that went to the theater, did not interrupt the game. Then she told her, with a smile in which irony was equally confused with her generation, and perhaps the educational system and the media in Egypt. Then she told her that one of the generations who believed that all the countries mentioned by the lecturer he was talking with, together with several other countries, began from Iraq and the Gulf countries in the east and stretched across Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria as long as come to Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean. Where the Arab nations live, belong to the same nation, speak the same language and live in the same homeland, the largest Arab country.

Then Mohammed Sobhi added that all the problems we hear and hear in these countries, such as Syria, Iraq and Libya, the lack of Arab unity among the countries of the same nation and that none of them can face all the internal and external challenges. The uprightness is in the unity of the people of these countries belonging to a larger entity, which is the Arab homeland! A wonderful listener listened to a great artist, as if listening to his favorite teachers, in geography, history, sociology, and politics.

I told myself that this artist feels the fulfillment of the thinking and feelings of the generation of the 1960s and expresses his loyalty to the beliefs and affiliations and feelings of that generation, and perhaps nostalgia for his childhood and youth. He did this without explicit mention of the fulfillment of the Middle Ages, which has resonated and deepened all those national feelings about a greater Arab homeland. There was also a collective song involving singers from all Arab countries.

Beautiful media, accompanied by a great artist, went to the exterior courtyard of the theater, which depicts the game and commentary on images, scenes from the game, until it stops the big portrait of a woman. I asked the artist Muhammad Sobhy about the role of the owner of that picture in his game? After a moment of silence, Mohammed Sobhi said that the role of the image bearer was continuous and uninterrupted in the life of Mohamed Sobiha. The image is for his wife, who stood beside him and supported him with love and sincerity throughout his life, so he wanted to put his picture on the door and on the top of the stage. The bottle is the expression of love and fulfillment.

I grew up in an intellectual artist and a husband who liked to express his loyalty without shame or shame, as to the greater Arab homeland and its symbols, as well as to express his loyalty and love to the little and loving homeland that followed and participated in a sympathetic woman.

It is clear to me, and perhaps the readers share it, the mystery of the Asale and the size of Muhammad Sobha. He lives his art and his art lives in it. He is in his art, and returns the art of the same fulfillment. But the new thing we learned in that TV interview in the evening of Monday, November 26, 2018, is that loyalty is deeply embodied by the artist Mohamed Sobhy's character, whether for his conviction, his art, his wife, and his life partner. Vialh is a great artist and son of a bar in his small homeland in Egypt and his major Arab homeland, from the bay to the ocean. Thanks to the lovers of this authentic, constantly renewing artist, the dream of Arab unity, from the bay to the ocean, will never die. As the previous generation of Europeans, Emperor Charles the Great, had dreamed about the unity of their continent until the desire for iron and coal in the 1950s, then on the European Common Market of the Sixties and finally in the European Union, I am sure that the Arab Dream of His Unity the locomotives will be realized sooner or later.

Thanks to the artist Mohammed Sobhy, who, in speaking and salvation to Ghilius's sons, changed his memories and wishes.

And God planned the way

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