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Assiut Health takes preventive measures to prevent transmission of measles infection

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Assiut Health takes preventive measures to prevent the transmission of measles, according to the delegation site, on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

The Health Department in Assiu has taken a series of preventive measures to prevent transfer of German measles infection following a case in the village in the center of Assiu where the Preventive Team, in collaboration with its Assiut Director and Health Monitor at Drenki, conducted field investigation after the girl's " One year old with a German measles and a division of squares in search of other cases in the region.

Dr. Osama Hijazi, Director of the Department for Preventive Medicine

Health A random sample of children who showed a rash and elevated temperature was sent and samples were sent to the Ministry of Health, and a positive case of a one-year-old girl from the Drenka village of Assiuta was recorded. Holds are one of the most common illnesses. One and a half days, these two doses

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In order to release the immunity of the injured child, adding that the family of situations and contacts will follow in the next 15 days through the preventive team in the Administration.

Viral disease is accompanied by increased body temperature and accompanied by rash and infection by spraying, breathing and incubating the disease from 14 to 21 days and is usually 18 days and injured infected within a week prior to the rash appearance up to 4 days after appearance and gets Permanent Immunity After Recovery From Disease.

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