Wednesday , June 23 2021

Before new update for new Watsp .. Quickly save your photos and videos

A new update to WattsApp, scheduled for November 12, can remove old chats, pictures, and video files on Android devices, the Chip Web site said. Store backup files before that date because you will not lose them.

Backup for the Application Conversations will not be limited to the future of the limited storage space available on Google Drive. So far, a backup of the chat app, used by nearly 1.5 billion people worldwide, takes up 15% of the free Google Drive storage space for a free Google Account. However, frequent use of WattsUpa greatly increases the size of these backups to many gigabits, especially if the user is active in image and video sharing.

WattsApp's ability to backup your storage to Google Drive comes as a result of a joint collaboration between WattsApp and Google Inc. The update should take effect November 12. Which will enable additional storage for mobile user files.

But that's not so easy. The German software and application page magazine Chip said that Android users must check file backups before November 12, otherwise they could lose data. The site reveals that backups that have not occurred for more than a year will automatically be deleted from Google servers.

To avoid losing, specialists at the German site recommend that you back up the backup and transfer it to your Google Drive account before that date to update and protect your existing backups from scheduled automatic deletion. This will allow users to save their old files for conversation, photos, and videos.

The manual storage method is simple: To download a copy of the backup file from WattsApp to Google Drive, you first need to open the WattsApp settings. Go to the chats item, then select the chatting backup item. Here you can determine whether to back up your video files. Back up your backups to back up and transfer them to Google Drive.

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