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Does Huawei work on its own system? What is the future of the phone? A special meeting with President of Huawei Group for consumer business in the Middle East and Africa

Does Huawei work on its own system? What is the future of the phone? A special meeting with President of Huawei Group for consumer business in the Middle East and Africa

It is no secret that Huawei grows fast year after year, not only in its sales and market share, moving from the second to third global, even locally, to the Saudi market – between quarter and quarter results, even in the quality of their phones and real plugins, From the quality of production and design to smart phone features that create the real difference to the user, as we have seen in the family of dead phones 20.

I was delighted to meet with Mr. Jianom Jiaoom, President of the Huawei Consumer Business Group in the Middle East and Africa, on a series of questions ranging from dead to Huawei's future aspirations in areas such as artificial intelligence.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Jin pointed to a large amount of M1020 Pro overproduction compared to the dead 10 Pro, which is ten times more expensive, proud of the innovative MTV 20 design icon, especially at the back, where everyone knows that you carry a family phone Dead 20.

  • We've seen the new Huawei Watch GT that you launched with Huawei's Lite OS, I think it's a good clock move – that's still a new market – but what about Huawei phones? Does the company operate on their own phone system? Last year I asked Mr. Bruce Lee, Head of the Dead Phone series, and his answer was no. What about your answer today?

We have no plan yet, but if you wonder: Does Huawei have the ability? Yes, of course, we have, but not just about ability, but about it(Ecosystem – Integrated System) Likewise, if it is ready, it is about retrieving value to users, if it brings value, yes, but if not, why?

At the same time, this does not mean that we have no power or ability but we can look for the add-on and the difference we will give to users.

If you watch all the smart hours, you will find that the battery is one of its current problems, but the Watch GT has a battery above all and lasts up to 14 days of use, so that's the value. Great for bringing users.

Mr. Jin also called the question of the pen in the dead phone chain and asked again: Will it give real value to the user? It can represent some, so we have little to do for this category with a limited number of users 20X– But to offer a little to all users? We do not have such an approach.

  • Will the 20X Dead Phone Be Available in the Middle East?

No, we will not surprise the user and put him in loss with many phones, and multiple may not suit their needs, as available in just two countries around the world, China and Malaysia.

  • What about the three cameras in the dead corps 20? Do you have a vision to increase in the future? And what is their real addiction?

When we launched the first camera with two cameras in the world, Huawei ridiculed the fact that a rear camera is good, so why increase the number of cameras?

Do you know? Global company At that time she wanted to have a dual camera in her phone, but late, do you know what the real reason is? Since this is not so easy, if you have one camera, focus on it and manipulate it simply, but with two lenses it is even harder and harder, which businesses could not then do and solve.

However, the problem is not just the camera but the real advantage of what is what you see on a deadphone today is a wide lens that offers a large part of the scene in front of you, 3x optical zoom and night mode, these are the real additions which helps users in their daily lives and makes them more creative and meaningful, that is our work.

  • What can we expect from more and more artificial intelligence on Huawei phones? I think she's impressive now, but what about her future on the phones?

At present, our application of artificial intelligence on M10 phones has developed a lot and offers a great value to the phone compared to any phone on the market, but we are still unsatisfied with it because we have to find more to make people more real value and more in their business, That's why we continue to invest in this field.

  • Where do you see the future of smartphones? Where do you focus exactly in your direction?

Huawei is consistent in three dimensions.

First: processors, their speed, their capabilities and their artificial intelligence.

Second: Rationalizing energy consumption, and you've noticed that our phone batteries are excellent, making them superior to all phones, fast deliveries, superior to all the fast charging techniques, we will continue to invest in that direction.

And third: The man and the machine face to face, and one of the biggest applications is virtually a camera, the camera phone is now literally an eye but has gone on a variety of features, read barcode, imagine low light, recognize objects, currently phones.

In addition, Mr. Jin added Huawei's R & D investment year after year More than 10% of the total annual revenue of the company was invested in Research and Development, which enables them to develop and add important technologies year after year. Last year, Huawei invested more than $ 13 billion in research and development, accounting for 14.9 percent of total annual revenue.

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