Sunday , January 24 2021

Donia Batma comments on the closure of the “Hamza Moon Bibi” bomber … and sends a message to her sister!

Al-Marsad newspaper: Singer Donia Batma commented on the court’s decision to imprison Mohamed El Medimi, head of the Moroccan Executive Office for Human Rights, and a bomb case known in the media as “Hamza Moon Bibi” linked to scandals with celebrities in Morocco. A period of one year and 10 months, during which he and her sister Ibtisam filed charges against her.

Batma sent her a message to her sister Ibtisam via the “Story” attachment on “Instagram” in which she said: “Thank God, my sister, I was sure that our right would not be lost. God will reward them for what they did one by one. one.My Lord is the best agent in this world and in that world who waits and does not neglect and always counts us.God and the best agent, God, remove from us every seductive and accursed demon and show us the rest of the day.

Significantly, it was Muhammad Al-Medimi who filed the complaint against the artist, Donia Batma and her sister, during his statements in a TV interview, taking evidence that Sakina Glamor was responsible for managing Hamza Moon’s account.

Batma and her sister “Ibtisam” were subjected to an earlier investigation into the case, and the charge of “participating in the fraud” was dismissed in the case.

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