Sunday , June 20 2021

Egypt – announcements Zaman .. Today they are married and do not pay a stake at 5 pounds a month

(MENAFN – Youm7) Belts in our time can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, which is the burden of the next step, as the prices of furniture and electrical appliances have increased significantly, unlike the price of housing and housing compared to the past, as well as the high gold market growth In recent years.

When old generations talk about the simplicity of life and the small difficulties that a young man faces in marriage, it's strange, but after seeing this old ad, it will not be surprising.

Zaman oglasi

This home furniture ad offers great facilities for your customers, and sales are simple, and it's written in "Today married. Do not pay a lot .. provided it's a full device .. Bedroom and Dining Room .. 3 great rooms .. 22 pieces of luxurious furnishings for 5 pounds per month as the total amount is 139 pounds.


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