Sunday , March 7 2021

European stocks approached after the US election and the rise of banks in Spain

LONDON – European stocks rose on Wednesday, with no big surprise after the US mid-term elections, because market sentiment eased after a series of strong news on earnings, and Spanish banks rose after good tax assessments.

The European Index Stoxx 600 closed 1% close to the 3-day high achieved during the session, with all major indicators of countries and sectors rising by 0.5% to 2%.

The Spanish index has been closed at the highest level since October 10, mainly under the sponsorship of the banking sector.

Democrats have used a wave of dissatisfaction with US President Donald Trump to influence the House of Representatives on Tuesday, giving them the opportunity to stop Trump's programs and vigorously supervise his administration.

The company's stock results led to the largest stocks on the STOXX 600 index, while scorer 24, G24, Ahold and Vistas rose 6.2% to 7.6% after strong results.

Adidas dropped by 3.6 percent after the company's sports apparel reduced its target revenue due to falling sales in Western Europe.

Spanish banks were at the center of attention after the government decided to respond to a court order requiring buyers to pay mortgages on the mortgages, promising to pass a law requiring banks to pay taxes.

Banks were initially increased with the support of the judiciary, and then withdrew from the peak in early trading after the government was released, but retained their profits largely after it became clear that the new law would not apply retroactively.

Shares in Kaixapank, Sabadil, BPVA, Santander and Bankia rose 1.8% to 4.1%.

The health care index rose by 1.5%, as mid-term elections are seen as reducing the likelihood of legislative action that reduces treatment costs on the largest and most profitable market in the world.

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