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Facebook paid teenagers to access their data

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Facebook social network owners stopped the personal data collection program from volunteers who received money for their participation.

The decision to terminate the program, run by that site in the United States, was issued after the announcement.

According to " TechCrunchTech News reported that program participants, including 13-17 year olds, received $ 20 a month in exchange for data stored on their smartphones for analysis.

The site said that the program used in the program is running iOS Apple seems to violate the privacy policy of the company.

The site also reported that Facebook used social media ads to target teenagers. But Facebook has denied it.

A spokeswoman for the social networking network refused to comment on whether Facebook was running a program in a country other than the United States.

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The app has the ability to enable Facebook "almost unlimited access" to user data, including:

* Private message content in messaging applications, including images and video clips.

* Emails.

* Web browsing activity.

* Records on downloaded applications, time used.

* The place where the user was present.

* Use of data.

Besides, says the site TechCrunch Facebook asked users to deliver screenshots made on Amazon.

When the BBC visited one of the registration pages, we discovered that Facebook says it will use the information it collects to improve its services.

"In some cases, we will collect this information even if the application uses encryption or secure browsing sessions," the report states.

The site added that participants must agree to "any information on this project to third parties".

Facebook said that everyone involved in the operation gave their consent, and market research was common practice.

Despite this, Facebook said it would finish the program on Apple devices after the release of the report, but did not comment on a similar program on Android devices.

The research focused on users aged 13 to 35 and asked young people under the age of 18 to get parental consent, according to Facebook.

But when the BBC introduced it as a 14-year-old boy during the test, we could download the app without parent's consent. But one page indicated that users must be at least 18 years old.

"No Spies"

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Facebook objected to the statement TechCrunch About the program.

"Some basic facts were ignored, and the topic was not confidential. The application name was" a Facebook research app.

"The share of adolescents from the participants did not exceed 5 percent, and the company received approvals signed by their parents."

In response to the BBC's question about how Facebook got parental consent, the answer was that the third party helped, without giving details.

Apple did not comment on whether Facebook believes that Facebook violated its laws and what steps would be taken if it did.

Friendly behavior

In 2016, Facebook used another search application that penetrates deep into software that uses the phone and reaches some features that are not available to other applications.

Apple allows such applications, especially companies that give iPhone phones and want to provide additional protection and control, but do not require the use of these applications for specific commercial purposes and be limited to the use of a company employee.

Facebook insists that market research policy does not differ from the usual.

You did not share your information with a third party, and participants could stop attending at any time.

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