Saturday , September 18 2021

Family Development Promotes Mental Health Awareness – UAE – News and Reports

The Department for Family Development Centers participated in one of the institutions of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, represented by the Mahatat Family Counseling Center organized by the Al-Iman School in the sister Kingdom of Bahrain, which focused on secondary and secondary schools. schools. The management began its participation by presenting a lecture on consciousness entitled “Family and educational whispers”.

The lecture, presented by Amira Ahmed Al-Marzouki, Head of the Department of Psychological and Family Counseling in the Departments of Family Development Centers, spoke about ways to increase self-confidence and the need to believe in potential abilities and energies and ways to develop them. during the lecture they were introduced to the concept of positive changes and how to apply them, the basics of maintaining psychological balance and methods of self-development and achieving success, working on a clear and precise definition of realistic goals and setting an appropriate schedule for achieving them.


Amira Ahmed Al Marzouki pointed out that the participation of the Department for Family Development Centers in this program comes as part of its efforts to enhance cooperation and partnership with many bodies and institutions related to family affairs in order to exchange experiences and knowledge and learn about best practices Promoting values ​​and cultures that support the building of a cohesive family. The importance of the role of educational authorities in promoting the psychological health of female students and their psychological empowerment by organizing education and counseling lectures by a group of experts from the educational, psychological and family fields and providing students with knowledge and skills that help them achieve psychological balance and develop their skills. at the academic or social level, which contributes to creating a generation aware of the importance of its social role and ability to face challenges, thanking the Al-Iman School for organizing this program and its attention to promoting students ’mental health.


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