Monday , April 19 2021

FilGoal | News | Carragher: PSG players must be ashamed of facing their families

Liverpool Jimmy Carragher criticized Paris St Germain's action at a Wednesday night's Champions League meeting in comments by VIA Sport, Spanish AS reported.

Players at Paris St Germain had a lot of problems on the field in any common contact, which prompted Juergen Klopp to describe them as trying to convince the referee that Liverpool players were meaty.

"It was very frustrating," Carragher said. "It was very frustrating, we started talking about some of the best players in the world, but watching them be embarrassed."

"If that continues, people will forget they are a good player and will only remember with such childish actions."

"I feel bitter and have no sympathy for Paris St Germain players and the sharp criticism of Jorgen's club, anger is very logical."

"This is a great team that should not resort to such behavior and only be expressed through the ball," Sky Channel analyst Tiago Silva said.

"It should be embarrassed, I really do not know how to go back to their women and their families and naturally talk," he said.

"I think Liverpool and Napoli are equal," Carragher said. The Italian team knows that and they know what they expect in Anfield in the decisive match in December.

"I expect Liverpool to win but should win two goals and that is a problem: in 2005 we were supposed to win the Olympiacos for two goals and we won 3-1.

Liverpool fell to 2-2 in Parc Parque and fell to third place in the European third group of death, and Napoli should win in the last game of two goals to secure its 16th place.

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