Monday , May 17 2021

FilGoal | News | Fadl: I hope I will not criticize the Amulet of the African Cup

Mohamed Fadel, director of the organizing committee for the African Cup of Nations 2019, who hosted Egypt in June, announced the announcement of the amulet of the tournament, pointing to his fear of public criticism.

"Amulet will be released on April 30, and I hope it will not be as critical as it is in many things, and its design will be the responsibility of an Egyptian media house," Fadel told Radio en Sport.

"The draw will be held next Friday, and we will start receiving the guests from 16:30 and the ceremony will begin at 20:00. FIFA President Gianni Infantino confirmed his arrival but will not deal with the will."

He continued: "We found some of the ticket prices for the game and differed depending on whether the game belonged to Egypt or that the ticket would allow the viewer to attend two matches at the same stadium and would generally consider the material at the prices corresponding to the event .

"We launched the official prize list on Saturday but it will be a test two days before it officially appears," said Mohammed Fadl.

The draw for the African Cup of Nations is held in the Pyramid area, which for the first time includes 24 teams in its history.

Egypt is ranked first in the group as a continental championship organizer.

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