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FilGoal | News | Farouq Jafar: Hossam Hassan is best suited to rescue Ahl

Farouk Jafar, Egyptian football star and Zamalek club were nominated by the pyramid to lead Ahly.

"Al Ahli did not play a good match this season," Jaafar said at the LTC. "He needs a coach with a strong personality and excellent technical skills."

"Ahly also needs a persuasive coach for players and a strong and ambitious history, all of these factors are available in Hossam Hassan."

"I do not know the position of the pyramid about the possibility of leaving Hossam Hassan or not for Ahli, that's my point."

"The interests of clubs are more important than personalities in them," he said.

Former technical advisor Zamalek of the club "has long been associated with Mahmoud Khatib, we were colleagues in the school, the teams are a respectable personality, decent and worthy of respect, and I believe that interest is in the interest of Ahl but how much his consent to using Hossam Hassan or not, I know him. "

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