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Former Emir of the Emirates praised the performance of the crescent moon .. And declares: Gomez sniper calmly

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The Emir's former star has praised the moonlight performance .. And says: Gomez sniper is quiet from dawn on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

Utaban UAE Zuhair Bakhit, former UAE team striker and UAE team, praised Saudi Arabia's Al Hilala's performance after winning the Al Ittifaq in the sports tournament Prince Mohammed Bin Salman yesterday.

"Half Moon was a great team and the contract coach made a mistake when he played openly against him," Zuhair Bakhit said in TV commentary on the program.

He added: "Despite the lack of in the middle because of the lack of players, but I do not feel that the team is incomplete, the Crescent walks in particular and excludes the half-moon losing."

"He thanks Pavetimbeu Gomez, his team-mate Salim Al Dosar for the balls and gave it to the game, shooter Gomez Sniper and is characterized by calm before the opponent's goal, and the moonlight should thank the person who chose and contracted it.

"Gomez gives the opponents the impression that he is calm, but he is surprised to be a fierce attacker, and this is a rare attacker's quality."

It is worth pointing out that Al Hilal is currently taking first place in the championship of Mohammed Bin Salman with 24 points and five points from Al Ahli and Al Nasr.

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