Haya Shuaibi for Critics: Mutu Bgitm you ignorant

Kuwait actress Haya al-Shuaibi was subjected to a large number of criticisms of her video footage on social network sites hugging and accepting the media and former Kuwaiti minister of media Mohammed al-Sanousi during her honor at the ceremony held by the Kuwait Al-Anbaa on her occasion 43th birthday. Some have discovered that what I did is not in line with the customs and traditions of the bay.

Professor Mohamed Abuna is proud of all of us, a man of great culture, friends and lovers of all great and young artists. I was proud that my uncle Abu Tarek, Professor Mohammed, gave my shield. The confirmation of the news was truly respected by Musharraf. "

Haya al-Shuaibi also said that the attack was the result of some ignorant who did not know the value of Mohammed al-Sanousi in response to a comment by one of the detainees who said that kissing was normal in art. I'm happy with my success and success with MotoGP. Anto knows the growth of Abu Tarek Hey, this symbol and flag in the Kuwait Declaration and our father all "

In return, the inspiration of Fadala defends Haya Shuaib, "She said," No Moo naturally of our time, we love an art of art, except what my Lord Shkofhm Bhakrp Abhahm and Hshi Hzil her father from the child deprived, I loved him Beskha her father is the personality of the entire Shathy artistic community.

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