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Here Shiha apologized to Haytham Ahmed Zaki on your right

11/09 11:05

Hina Shiha expressed her sadness over the departure of artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, especially after his sudden and unexpected departure.

Sheha posted on her Instagram board here, saying: "Time does not exist, it really does not exist, always thinking that all of a sudden, at the time I see my family, at the time I talk to my wahshni friends, at the time I am answering calls that I did not responded On them. "

She continued, "But there is no time. Now is the time now. We are doing Mnstnash that has good and talking to those who are careful because suddenly possible Mibgash exists and Ogtna and Nzal and regret that we fell into his right and Mnnash who was our work and Malaknash. "

Shiha added here: "Your right is high, Haitham. I fell to your right and I asked you what you should look for, strong Zaalana of yourself and you and me, and I missed you and you. I saw you and I did not. saw, I was walking fast Haitham, I did not understand that you were gone, God remain to Allah and we will return to Him. "

Haytham Ahmed Zaki left the world at the early dawn of Thursday, November 7, at the age of 35, after suffering a severe fall in blood flow, according to an initial diagnosis, but first and second Sheikh Zayed issued a death report, which noted that death is normal and that the deceased suffered health problems in the evening of Tuesday, November 5, presented with colic and cramps due to the use of drugs and muscle tonics, especially as he was returning from "the gym" this day, exhausted from exercise and abuse. drugs that caused his fatigue, and his security staff took him to the nearest pharmacy, the pharmacist injected him with two painkillers.

After inspecting surveillance cameras at the compound, it was discovered that Haytham Zaki had come down from his home with security personnel and taken him to the pharmacy and then returned him again.

Security officials discovered that the deceased had asked them to stay at rest, and the next day they tried to check him but did not respond, and raised concerns with the presence of his fiancée and his aunt and confirmed that they were not responding to the police, who informed informed the prosecution to break into the apartment door so that the body was found upstairs in the bathroom,

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