Sunday , January 17 2021

Inas Abdalayem receives the award for the "Arab Music" competition for 12 children

Dr. Inas Abdalayem, Minister of Culture,
Dr. Magdy Saber, the leader of the Egyptian opera, recently won 22 winners, including 12 children,
Awards and Confirmations of Recognition, in Singing, with the Ceremony of the Closing of the Twenty-Seven Session
The Arab Music Festival.

The winners were as follows:

Award of the late Mohammed Hassan Award for the Keman Prize
Third of Safat Islam Khalifa Ismail Karmin Jusuf Aziz 10,000 pounds.

And the second awards Ahmed Hassan Attieh Sharara
12,000 pounds The First Prize Knight Tamer Mohammed Ali 15,000 pounds, and the Rite Al-Hefni Award,
For the Youth and Wins the Third Prize Muhannad Talal Mohammed of Saudi Arabia and the Second Prize
10,000 pounds, and the other 12,000 pounds, alike between Ahmed Rajab Abdullah and Muhammad Tarek Mustafa,
The third prize is 15,000 pounds, shared by Ahmed Magdy Abdel Hakim and Ahmed Abdel Samie Nafe

The award was awarded to Bia Mustafi
Ahmed Sayed Ali 5000 pounds, a prize for children's gift, is the third prize game
Yasmin Osama Hassan and Maryam Sayed Sayed Najjar 3000 pounds The second prize from the site Khaled Ahmed
Tarek and Rajab Mustafa show 5000 pounds, where the first prize went to meet Emad Mahmoud, and I was disgusted
Ahmed Said 7000 pounds of text.

And in the jury of outstanding performance
Ahmed Waleed Mohammed 5000 pounds and certificate of gratitude for each of them Mohamed Tqai Radwan King Fathi Mahmoud
Awad Louay Abdoun.

The competition comes in three competitions
It offers many talented children and young people who sing and play in Egypt and the Arab world
Egypt has won all the awards for playing violins and the monotonous duet singing to the young
And kids.

Saudi Arabia came in
Third, where the total prize value is 100,000 pounds in three competitions.

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