Infiniti is one of the most beautiful and advanced crossovers

Infiniti is one of the most beautiful and advanced crossovers

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Japanese dealerships Infiniti have announced that the QX55, which is ranked among the most beautiful crossover cars this year, will enter new markets.

This car came as a modified model of modern QX50 cars, but it had a modernized structure that has straight lines and modifications that made the shape of facades and lamps more modern, and it got wide air vents studied according to the latest aerodynamic standards.

The chassis of this car was 4 and 73 centimeters long, 190 centimeters wide, 162 centimeters high, and the distance between the wheel axles was 280 centimeters. It is also equipped with 18- to 20-inch wide wheels.

As for its cabin, it was characterized by luxury and was decorated with chrome and wooden elements, and the seats were covered with the most luxurious leather types. The driver’s interface was also equipped with a pair of touch screens through which multimedia systems, GPS systems and cameras can be controlled .

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Models of this vehicle were provided with cameras, front and rear distance sensors, speed limitation systems, several driving systems suitable for different roads, remote control systems, light and rain sensors, and seat heating and cooling systems.

The QX55 will be offered in several engine types, including a 2.0-liter 249-horsepower turbocharger, and its transmissions will work with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive systems.

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