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Look for smoking and its damage

Smoking is one of the most common causes of many health, body, social and many other problems, but smoking is a necessity. This is related to the smoking habit, as well as the saturation of the body of a certain amount of nicotine, and any attempt to reduce that amount causes dysfunction of the body.

Smoking hazards do not stop on the lungs

After many research and studies, it has already been proven that the effect of smoking is not only on the lungs but on the rest of the body, which increases the risk of death because the cigarette contains many chemicals.

It also contains many substances that lead to cancer and general smoking, with the difference between cigarette and shisha smoking, all that leads to many diseases, and the effect of smoking varies in different body systems, namely:

Nerve system

Nicotine is one of the major smoking ingredients that quickly hits the human brain after it is inhaled and this article works to control a person's mood and smoking generally causes atrophy in the eye and causes vision weakness later when a person loses the smell and taste of the disorder The disorder that produces the nervous system .

Diarrheal system

Is most organs in the body affected by smoking, where many of the harmful substances enter smoking with inhalation in the lungs and coughing can occur through the respiratory system to discharge a certain number of these toxins but not at all save the body of these toxins and become smokers more sensitive to Many illnesses involving cold, bronchial infections and smoking for a longer period of time adversely affect the lungs and become more prone to lung cancer.

Impact on cardiovascular system

Studies have shown that smoking is one of the things that increases the share of harmful cholesterol in the blood, and then has a negative impact on blood vessels, heart and blood clots and many other health problems.

Digestive system

Since smoking generally reduces the appetite of smokers, it reduces access to all food-rich foods, and increases the inflammation of the gum, which is exposed to many serious diseases including oral cancer, pancreas, kidneys and other diseases.

The effects of smoking generally on the body

Of course, there is a lot of smoking damage in general on the body, including the following:

1 – causes disorders in blood distribution and expands the body's main organs with the required oxygen and then exposure to many diseases.

2. Smoking during pregnancy is harmful to both the mother and the fetus because it puts women at risk of premature birth, causing many congenital malformations of the fetus and causing many diseases after birth.

3 – Increases the risk of infertility in men who works to reduce blood flow to the penis.

4. Exposure to osteoporosis in women Smoking is one of the things that accelerates menopause at an early age

5 – Bad breath and many problems, including wrinkles on the skin and tooth and toenail nail.

6 – Increases the risk of exposure to stomach ulcers.

7 – The phenomenon of many signs of aging, especially smoking, is one of the things that increases the collapse of collagen cells in the skin and then increases wrinkles.

8 – Passive smoking is another of the things that have significant damage to the body, which contributes to increased blood protein with increased risk of second-grade diabetes.

9. Lack of activity with general weakness in concentration and memory of things.

10 – causes many problems in the digestive system, including gall stones and Crohn's disease and other diseases that affect the digestive system.

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