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Measurement results in the state register

The National Measurement and Evaluation Center measures through its web site the creation of a 1440 master and test competency registration for students who want to improve their test scores. In the user account of the programmer's user, the top of the tests you have provided.

And the center of measurement that the degree of success in the measurement test of teacher and teacher competences needs 50 years for a year and specialization, but the validity of the exam is determined by the Ministry of Education, whether it takes one year or more.

It is worth mentioning that the deadline for enrollment in Teacher Competences 1440 will be on Saturday, October 27, 2018. The exam is held in more than 56 cities in Saudi Arabia and can be viewed through the profile of electronic services.

The registration fee for the early registration fee is SAR 100 for each test, while the fee for late registration is SAR 150. Late notification of 18/12/1440.

How to pay test fees through USAD service

It is important to note that the test of teacher and teacher competency is one of the tests that provides a measurement place, which includes both educational and non-pedagogic specialties, and this test is a basic measure for verifying the national standards that must be available in the advanced and advanced function of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Arabia, which is the measure of differentiation of educational jobs.

The load of teacher and teacher loads includes two tests: general exam and specialization test. The general exam covers general areas of education involving all teaching disciplines, such as expert knowledge, learning support, learning improvement, and professional accountability.

The specialization test covers the main areas of all candidate's specialties for the 28 Major.

Connect with the measuring capacity of the site

1440 for trainees and trainees

Those who wish to enroll in the 1440 "Teacher Competencies" tests for those who are engaged in improving their grades can be obtained through an access connection to the capacity measurement site.

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