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Municipal projects with 4.6 billion riia

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City Projects B 4.6 billion ricefields from Souras, on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

City Projects With 4.6 Billion Rias Khalid Al-Freidi Posted in City 07-11. 2018 Al Qassim received enormous municipal projects in the city of Buraidah and the provinces and centers of the region and its villages where the costs of various projects ready for opening exceeded 2 billion and 43 million riia. At a cost of 2.6 billion euros, consisting of road and bridge projects, a number of projects will be launched and ready to open 103 projects with a cost of one billion to 49 million euros and setting the foundation for 75 projects at a cost of 342 million euros. Of the 416 million will be open, and laying the foundations for 12 projects at a cost of 2 billion and 98 million. The number of parks, parks and municipal squares project will be opened, which will be open for the launch of 43 projects with a cost of EUR 208 million and setting stone for 44 projects at a price of EUR 75 million, including construction projects and communal markets that have been completed and ready to launch 70 projects at a price of 368 million euros. The project is worth 94 million kuna. Click here to read news from your source.

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Source: Saws

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