Saturday , September 18 2021

News 24 Primary student in Taif is exposed to skull skull during school days and achieves "education"

pictureFather of elementary school in Al-Qaim district in Taif complained to the Ministry of Education after his son was subjected to skull skull during school days, and the ministry opened an investigation to uncover the circumstances of the incident.

Father student Yusuf Ahmed Awaji, according to "Okaz" details of the incident, stressing that he had received a school call yesterday to attend attendance at his son after an accident without explaining the cause.

He pointed out that he immediately left, and his son handed him as if nothing had happened. He went to the military hospital of Prince Mansoura in Taif and performed CT that showed he had a skull on the skull directly above the eyebrows.

He pointed out that the child had been transferred to Hadi's armed forces, and the rest of the rays confirmed and found a fracture with external bleeding and swollen veins in the back of the head.

He confirmed that the Ministry of Education filed a formal complaint through a communication platform to clarify the reasons for his son's injury. He called for punishment for all the culprits and negligence, pointing out that the ministry had responded to it and confirmed that they had opened an investigation into the incident in order to find out its circumstances.

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