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Prices of gold and dollar prices today in Egypt Sunday, April 7, 2019

Gold and dollar pricesAre the determinants and determinants of all factors and drivers of economic sectors not only at the local level but also in the global and international economy Today we are offering you 24 hours, Gold and dollar prices in Egypt on 7 / 4-2019 According to a report updated with immediate information, according to Egyptian banks' official data regarding the dollar, as well as data on capital markets and markets in Egypt.

Gold Price Report Sunday, April 7,

According to figures, gold prices in Egypt are now stabilizing at yesterday's prices, according to weekly shifts in the goldsmiths market and halting the movement of transactions:

  • 24-caliber gold record in Egypt at the price of LE 710 without making.
  • The price of 21 pounds of gold in Egypt today was 622 pounds without a factory.
  • While the price of 18 caliber pounds today in Egypt is 533 pounds sterling without a factory.
  • The price of gold pound today in Egypt 7-4-2019 price of 4976 pounds.

The Egyptian dollar rate report on Sunday, April 7,

The price of the dollar on the Egyptian banking market also testified to price stability in relation to Egyptian pound, and the price of the dollar in most Egyptian banks ranged from 17.26 to 17.29 pounds, and the dollar price increased from 17.36 to 17.39 pounds.

On Sunday, April 7, the dollar recorded 17.26 purchases and 17,389 sold at the Central Bank of Egypt

On Sunday, April 7, the dollar recorded a 17.26 pound buy-in and a penny price of 17.36 pounds, and the data were confirmed now that the dollar had the highest redemption price of £ 17.29 and £ 17.38.

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